game jolt


2014-11-27 - Hey guys! I participated in the 72-hour Game Jolt's Indies VS Pewdipie game jam. I made a hardcore platformer (because everyone loves those) called Feeling Explosive. You can grab it and rate it H E R E!
2014-10-26 - Hi there! I made a new game in 48 hours (for GM48 #12) It's called /m (what an awesome pun). Your goal is to take down IRC channels by being a jerk. Download it here (pretty please)! I am also working on a new website (using Wordpress because I suck at web design, as you might've already realised just by looking at this thing)
2014-07-14 - I made a game for GM48, you can download the jam version here!
2014-07-09 - I've just released TileBake, a collection of scripts for GM:S.
2014-04-28 - I've participated in Ludum Dare #29, and made a game called "I rarely go outside", you can download it here: Ludum Dare page, Game Jolt.
2014-04-17 - Hi there! I'm working on a game for #DSC64. I also stream my progress daily, so if you want to take a look, you can on my Twitch channel
2014-03-11 - Some news on my newest project - Link
2014-01-30 - I just updated the website a little bit.
2013-12-30 - During this weekend, I've participated in Game Jolt New Year's Jam - and here's the result! Light Kitty
2013-11-11 - Finally! I've released Awfellas - a game I made in 2 weeks for a competition. Check it out HERE! There's also a review, HERE. But that's not all, there's a new song... HERE!
2013-09-27 - Working on a new song...
2013-07-24 - I just released a new song! Check it out on Newgrounds!
2013-06-28 - My website is finally online! It's still in development, and it should be completed in August.